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Recommendations about related to travel, work, and social activities are rapidly changing in Canada and internationally.

Therefore, I have started this post to share information on public health recommendations related to outdoor recreational activities. I will update this as often as I can to keep the information current and as new information becomes available.

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Mental health problems are becoming increasingly common among young people. Engaging youth in mental health treatments can be difficult. Combining therapy with time in nature and challenging outdoor activities – referred to as Adventure Therapy – can help.

Adventure therapy combines exposure with nature along with mental health supports. This approach can helpful both for youth at risk for mental health problems or those diagnosed with a mental health condition.

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Can nature really cure us? was recently published in the Guardian about the growth of books on health and nature.

I will be posting later this week on Nature Brain about the scientific evidence for nature improving wellbeing and mental health.

The Guardian article provides a balanced view of the potential psychological benefits – and limitations – of nature. A number of books have recently been published on this topic – most recently Losing Eden by Lucy Jones, and The Natural Health Service by Isabel Hardman who was interviewed by the Guardian.

It is important to distinguish between self-help and improving wellbeing and treating mental illness (see my earlier post for my take on this).

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