Nature can have a big impact on a the health of people. Most of us know that nature can improve our mood and sense of well-being. However, the entire range of health benefits associated with nature can extend beyond this.

A report by the Institute for European Environmental Policy called Nature for Health and Equity outlined several of the health benefits associated with better access to nature.

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Mental health problems are becoming increasingly common among young people. Engaging youth in mental health treatments can be difficult. Combining therapy with time in nature and challenging outdoor activities – referred to as Adventure Therapy – can help.

Adventure therapy combines exposure with nature along with mental health supports. This approach can helpful both for youth at risk for mental health problems or those diagnosed with a mental health condition.

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A school in UK has hired an ecotherapist as part of their strategy to improve the mental health of students. Ecotherapist will work with individual students and provide groups in a first of its kind program.

‘Screens and gaming have massive impact on children’s emotional wellbeing,’ headteacher warns

The UK seems to be more advanced in their approach to integrating the health benefits of nature into education and the health care system. Hopefully with time North American organizations will also promote nature as a way to improve mental health in our populations.

Link to the article on the Independent.

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