A working day in the field

In full peach harvest time we have been with our team to a farmer's field Vicente Hernándiz Roig, in Montserrat (Valencia)

We have seen how hard it is a working day in the field.

We started at 06:30 in Vicente’s home, where were the 'colla' gang of people who are going to the field to collect this rich fruit.

Here we check that nothing is missing, baskets to deposit our baskets full buckets, that we do not forget fresh water and something more.

Already in the field about 06:45 we started to download will deposit baskets where we go picking peaches from the tree, start downloading and extending drawers from the end to the beginning of the field.

Now is when start collecting, we take each strip from beginning to end and go through each tree and collecting only fruit which is enough mature, paying particular attention to the biting fly, if we throw this bad when we I emptied the buckets into baskets filled with care not to bump the fruit and the drawer unfilled much fruit is not crushed by the weight.

It's 10:00 in the morning and do not know whether or not to stop for lunch, we finally decided that for 30 minutes we are going to finish it and then to lunch, and we do.

About 11 am we're done, loaded the van and workers go home and stayed with the farmer who still is not over ..., let the refrigerator to download fruit (that's one in there cooler , about 4 degrees ...) Almost at 12:00 is when we've finished downloading the fruit, here we will see the 'melonar' where we have 250 bushes planted watermelon, plums after seeing that tomorrow will be to collect.

14:00 stopped at a bar for a beer (the thermometer at the entrance mark 41 degrees) and go home, we take the fruit left over from the morning selling directly to the refrigerator, we stopped to eat, we started a nap and at 16:00 the attack, let the cooperative to buy products (we just left 135€ between manure and fertilizer) Now to take drip stands compost in a container so that water the field during the night.

20:00 and we are in the field of watermelons to pick some for sale tomorrow ...

We ended the day at 21:30, we busted but we go with the experience of having been farmers for a day. Vincent laughs, tells us that today we not have enough time to go and pick tomatoes, and some already ripe plum ...

Tomorrow at 06:00 feet again.