What use is Aloe Vera?

The aloe vera plant is known worldwide for its many uses and applications.

And not only this, is an extremely simple maintenance plant, so that we can have at any site.

Will not need that to be watered too much often, do not need large pots, we can forget about it for long periods of time ... why not stop being evergreen and beautiful.

There are numerous varieties and species of Aloe Vera, we are talking about over 200 species, and also tell you something very important, not all aloe vera plants have the same properties, so should we beating around the eye before cutting a leaf and spare for example from a burn. This is not to scare anyone, it is possible that nothing will happen, but ... if burned above us feedback as we suppose grace imagine that situation. And is that the pope is the pope, if you burned go to the quemistry and buy a cream indicated for that purpose.

In any case, now we prepare a complete list of uses that are given to the different species of Aloe vera and what is grown in many countries of South America and others.

Use for the skin for all types of bacterial infections, burners, irritations...

Use regenerative and moisturizing of the skin and dead skin areas.

Analgesic properties of the dermis.

Treats acne vulgaris

Cleaning the skin and pores

Hair Treatment, we dare not say that makes hair grow, but I noticed more kills since I use a shampoo with aloe vera.

Conceals wrinkles and skin dryness

It's a great souvenir for some tourist havens like Tenerife

Anyway ... basically focuses on dermal treatments as excellent hidrantate, antiseptic and analgesic.

PS: Always Look a specialist before applying any home remedy.