What uses does the wild nettle?

We have all known the nettle in the same way, its main feature is the one who makes it so famous, urticaria property.

Nettle, Urtica dioica, is world famous and has numerous uses of which we will try to make a compilation, but we strongly recommend that anyone can think of collecting them on their own and either eat them, make a tea or whatever .. . always in the hands of an expert.

I remember one documentary nettle eating contest and drink beer, one of the participants was put his hands to his head of what stung mouth by eating nettles ... so, beware, this is not kid stuff.

Nettle is used in medicine, like any other herbalists boil the nettles and we are preparing a medicinal brew that will take away a lot of things ... I still do not understand why people complain about something, there are millions of cures for everything. Do not you think? If we take now the mussel sure is full of vitamins, iron, is good for the eyes, to the head to the ear ... everyone sell us the best, hope someone has reason.

In line with the theme, such as medicinal use nettle is good for: Low back pain, internal bleeding and bloody sputum, nasal bleeding, rheumatism and paralysis of the extremities, Hair Loss, Healing, acne, herpes, alzheimer ....

Aspirin to part ...

The most fun I find nettles are nettles contests, a true test of courage and hunger ... nettles eat handfuls mamma mia that itch, at least they drink good ale in the contests, look at the champion as it eats.



 Do you eat them? ah, then sure there will be recipes with nettles, do you remember buba in forrest gump?

nettles with shrimp, breaded nettles, nettles omelette, with potatoes nettles, nettles baked, boiled nettles, nettles ....

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