Canary Banana



The banana plant is not a tree (as many think) because it lacks trunk, is grown in the region of the islands and always at low altitude below 300 meters high, in areas with lots of sun and good temperature, around 25 degrees, hence Canary is one of the suitable regions for cultivation due to its warm temperatures throughout the year, their low altitude, being an island almost flat.

They are harvested throughout the year and depend heavily on the location of the plantation that affect winds, rain fall... If outdoors or in greenhouses ... But during the summer due to high temperatures is when mature faster.


Canary Banana VS Banana

They differ.

First the size, Canary banana is smaller and smaller in size than the banana.

The taste is sweeter and contains more water than the banana, this is mainly due to the type of cultivation, the Canary banana remains about 6 months on the plant while the banana only three months, that gives this consistency, maturity and taste is not the banana.



Prevents skin aging due to its vitamin C

Good for the skin due to its high content of retinol (vitamin A)

Good for intestinal transit due to its fibre content, sugars, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Why Rafa Nadal takes? Because energy is high also absorbed by the body very quickly. Therefore it is so strong...

It's satisfying, because they are high in fibre and carbohydrates

Is low in calories, high in vitamins A, B6, potassium, magnesium and folic acid.



In baking can be found in all kinds of sweets and sauces.

In the kitchen, which is rich fried banana desserts and... In jams

As a snack after a day of exercise gives us the energy lost during exercise also has a satiate power that prevents to take something.


And remember if you have spots is Canary!