World of orchids

Undoubtedly Orchids are some of the plants with the most beautiful flower. They have a variety of the most colorful and characteristic going from pure white to deep black, a true expression of beauty.

As always, we love the rarity, the more rare is our orchid ... best by hybrids and laboratories have succeeded as few colors orchids do not imagine, we only need a rainbow color to not let any out.

Maintaining phalaeonopsis not too complicated and very often we get to see how new plants bloom from the original.

The temperature may range from 16 º C and 32 º C, so it is an indoor plant ideal for our house.

The high light is recommended, however never expose to direct sunlight, ideally a west facing window with something Sieve the light from the window, such as a curtain.

The recommended humidity is around 50-80%, we note that the substrate which is usually mantenienen bark, but better withstand drought over watering.

The flowers can last about 2-3 months and plants can live about 3-5 years, we should never leave a dish of water below the plants when Let's water because the roots will rot.

Usually we will not have problems with them, just the best way is with a spray water them frequently.

Here I leave a very comprehensive article with many interesting facts and details of phalaenopsis orchids.





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