What price we pay for a bath

Like everything in life that something wants something hard ...

It's summer, we need to take a dip in the pool and cool off ....


That involves having a pool ..


If the Chinese shop we find a pool of about 3000 liters for about 30 €, add another 30 € more for chlorine, anti-algae ... and with any luck we hold one summer, we hit the water at the waist but we can cool.


If we not have a big budget the cheaper will be that we go to the river to take bath or let us go to the municipal pool for about 2 € muddle through ...


If we can build a pool, put about 4000 €, but the sewage ... and since we are a light to take an evening swim, shower, well as we do from step one quarter to the treatment plant where the products leave the octopus clean the pool alone do not want to have to get to work and start to clean, and canvas for the winter do not want to change the water.... At summer's end about 6000 € (we can always collect tickets and offer snack ...)



If you want to swim the best is you catch the summer bonus of municipal pool or make a copy of the stamp of the pool to pas ‘free’.