When summer arrives and during it, is very important to take care that we give to our skin.

Before we get to start preparing for this we get a deep facial cleansing to mid-May is the best thing and then we continue with a good daily facial cleansing routine will last us until September, we wash when we get up the face with a specific soap for your skin type, a toner and then apply ourselves after our moisturizer, which should always wear sunscreen (not only for being summer) at night before bed we face desmaquillaremos with cleansing milk, micellar water, etc, but never wipes, as these do not remove the dirt really deep, and then as the morning tonic and apply our moisturizer.
It is good that once a week we exfoliemos face with any of the types of scrubs that are on the market, except for the enzymatic or acidic, as this is used in treatments for stains and other things, but I'll tell you more Later, if you have very sensitive skin exfoliaros every 15 days.
It is also important when we get to bask specific sun protection for the face to avoid spots and premature wrinkles.

The skin on our body is also very important, so if you have pimples or pores in the back would be good hygiene is performed before the summer, like his face, because the sweat is more likely to pores become pimples, but then the sun marks and dry spots remain and do not want that. To keep it perfect all summer is very simple, always duchemos we have to get a moisturizer like the rest of the year, if we are very little white people with many moles I recommend that sunscreen useis always, not just when you go to sunbathing, because when we go down the street exposed to the sun in the same way. It is also recommended that exfoliemos us once a week, and especially before plucking, so that the hairs that lie under the skin out, and never under any circumstances go sunbathing after plucking, the ideal is to wait between 24 / 48 hours, to avoid leaving specks and sweat produced by heat or festering infecting the hairs.

And very important although again I get sunscreen before going in the sun, it is advisable to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure, and if summer is the first protection should be higher, do not confide those who have more dark skin.
And finally you have some scrubs that you can do at home so the crisis: honey with sugar, gel face / face with seeds of fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, kiwi. And for people that are given to folliculitis (which they encyst the hairs) sea salt with essential oil of tea tree, this should not be used on intimate areas.
The honey-sugar is not recommended for people with very sensitive skin or pimples, since sugar are as microcrystalline, so I put the fruit.
I hope these tips serve you to have a wonderful skin for this summer, and remember to exfoliate the entire body including hands and feet.

Happy summer.