Most demanded jobs this summer

You want to work?

Are unemployed?

For how long?


Go ahead and keep reading...


With the heat of summer and tourism grow opportunities to reach people looking for employment:


Here we list the most demanded professions in the summer.


Service sector, waiters, receptionists, cleaners, security personnel to control events...


Many large businesses employ people to cover summer vacation, construction companies, industrial companies, professional drivers...


Another profession and very much in demand is the technical forester, in summer you get to triple the number of allocations for prevention and fire fighting.


Personal trainer, if you have a degree in physiotherapy or other similar qualification many gyms will demand this profession, reaching 40 € hour charge for training a person


Jobs in small shops, easy, it's hot, more tourism


Leisure sector, we need people who work at night, waiters and public relations


Technical sound, image and lighting to cover major events and music festivals


Staf, lifetime the glasses collector


With the advent of tourism, especially in the east coast underground services, train and nearby require more reviewers to increase the number of passengers


Airports, cleaners, maintenance personal or hostesses


Tour guide, with the advent of warm temperatures tourism grows.


The health needs assistants and nurses in many outpatient populations because in summer the number of population reaches even triple


To beat the heat the best is a dip, there should always be someone taking care of our safety, lifeguards


Gardeners, summer work even increases 50%


Monitor park


Professor of review, we can always make an extra giving a recitation


Agricultural product markets need more staff in the summer, and working at night, good way to beat the heat


Above all, good luck and be sure to find a job this summer, God squeezes but does not choke, this is your summer opportunities ... Get him!