Fauna of the cooperative of my town


In most towns there is usually a cooperative, place of worship by those characters of the people. Place where the biggest deals are made, is starring occasional discussion to somebody invasion of land reaches to enemies even whole families in the village.


Cooperatives are a meeting place for the farmers of the town here talk and brag about how beautiful they are the almond, valencian tomatoes or watermelons, or how many kilos of olives are removed, besides being a place of worship for the people of the village is a place where you can buy from a beer to a spinach seeds or tomato or watermelon seeds. In cooperatives are all, wines, spirits, oils, hams ... canned food.... Useful products and pesticides to the field. The truth is that almost all things only need to sell bread and fish ... Because they are open 7 days a week...

It is also a place with high traffic of tractors, vans full of seasonal and people going to find work.


We can find many figures:

The all-knowing

Who cultivates the best products, and gives nothing

The covetous man, who does not join with anyone and everyone they envy 'look east, with the money you have, no family, and the woman has to go on vacation with her sister ... often unhappy’

Sot also shifts, as happens in every bar, which is more in this place than taking care of the fields.

Whoever is in a hurry, you can not stand, and every evening is in the casino playing the cards game...


Also not only the figure of the man of the town, many weekends you can see the typical ' chaletero ' or person living in a chalet or spend the weekend in the chalet snuggles to buy wine in bulk, mistela, some other variety to plant in his garden, and the locals, as happens in many places in our country end up despising and mocking this, so do not think is that thanks to these people that help us way to the town's economy.