How to remove a plague of cockroaches


This story is based on real events, never underestimate the power of nature, because it is much more powerful than the seven plagues of the apocalypse.

As a lover of animals and bugs always happen you just met other people with similar interests.

A friend with a big house and a lot of ground built a large outdoor aviary with trees, fountain, herbs ... everything was wonderful. He enjoyed his great corner filled with colorful exotic birds amidst nature.

He had managed to collect over the years a large collection of species.

Suddenly one day is so beautiful and tender story became the worst nightmare, discovered that he had created a plague of cockroaches in their large aviary.

The land had cockroaches, had had food and moisture, so their life cycle is accelerated one saw 10.0000 percent.

If you made a hole into de ground, you saw hundreds of tunnels full of cockroaches.

If you broke a concrete block of the fence aviary the cockroaches were falling like unstop a surprise box.

It was devastating to the moral and human integrity.

Then came the moment of truth, the moment to fight face to face with those massive beasts armed insect ...

It wasn't useful fumigate cockroaches

It wasn't useful to burn the whole field of the aviary

It wasn't useful to throw acid and thousands of chemicals.

The only solution was to relocate the plague ... As it was, as I write it.

He had to pay exterminators into leaving because they were scared.

He hired a shovel excavator and a truck and built in the place where cockroaches dwell great Olympic pool.

Still sometimes ... when all is quiet you will hear the tiny, fast footsteps of hundreds of thousands of cockroaches roaming around ...