Orca : the Killer Whale

By definition everyone thinks that the orcas are killer , but it is not because the name was put on that hunt whales, so it would have to be the killer whale .
The first thing I can tell you this great mammal is that it is family of whales, though it seems it is the dolphin family . Many people think they are not intelligent , but like its cousin the dolphin if it is and much , so this at the top of the food pyramid.
They are so smart that fit the type of site and want to hunt food , while to hunt sea lion pups are able to get to the beach , but you became stranded , intelligence is demonstrated that before the first attack checked several times if stranding or not and when they see that it is safe are released by their prey , another way to demonstrate your intelligence is because they teach how to hunt at smaller so you can hunt in packs . Have even hunt dolphins though not enough that these are very fast, but still get first two thrash you until this so tired that they take and share with the rest of the family. It is also known that orcas have attacked great white shark .
Humans do not usually attack , if there is any attack was by accident or mistake them for prey to feed often , that concerning those living in freedom, those in captivity have reached a coach killing , think it may be due to the stress they cause. But generally not dangerous for us.
As we live in family groups never separated from his family , is something that makes them like us .
The females can live up to 90 years , whereas the male much less about 60 years , it may be because they are larger .
So far the first part of this fascinating predator.