Free Willy

In the movie Free Willy, there are things like fiction but can occur in reality as when he saves the child who falls into the tank, they say they can see us as friends and notice if we are in danger, even when the child touches the harmonic and communicates with it, since they emit sounds at many frequencies and the same way the can hear, the leap from the end many people think it is impossible but it is so big those jumps usually give them to see what's ocean in the distance and some people think could also be to remove parasites that are left on the skin or to mark their territory, it is also true about the dorsal fin, as living in captivity because of lack of room to swim or just bending depression.
In this movie we can say that Keiko the killer whale who played Willy was real, years after filming left her free, but died a few years since I needed the help of humans to survive having been so long not wise captive hunting.
I hope you have enjoyed these two articles and I do see that the orca killer whale is not, but have things like us.