What would you like to know about slugs?

Slugs are snails poor sisters ... do not get the pay for a house.

What would you like to know about slugs? It is a difficult question, what use is a slug? it started out there.

Are they edible slugs?

Well it seems that if ... have to do the same process with the snail purifying and pan.

What is the scientific name of the common slug?

We give one ... Limax maximus, because there are thousands of different slugs.

What kind of animal is the slug, What is your taxonomic classification?

gastropod mollusks of the order Pulmonata ... Enough??

Are they hermaphrodites?

If, like snails, are the same, but without the house on his back.

How much live a slug?

Well no idea, but if they seem both snails and snail can live more than three years ... since the same figure.

What do slugs eat?

They eat all types of organic matter ... mixed vegetable and animal, throw them, but mostly rather chilly and tender vegetable.

How many lungs are slugs?

A single lung ...



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