We are so used to living with wasps, Would you know to answer these questions?

How much live a wasp?

For only live a month so if the summer is 3 months each month we been stung by a wasp different.

What is the scientific name of the wasp?

Vespula vulgaris, when you bite on a already know as you can call ... Vespula vulgaris

Where do wasps live?

For in the nests, paper or cellulose created by them in any hole or hiding place.

What is the life cycle of the wasp?

For as all ... born grow reproduce and die

The fertilized queen overwinters and summer lays eggs and larvae emerge ... and start over.

Do wasps hibernate?

Only the queens, as we said before

Are there male and female wasps?

No, no queens and workers, the former is larger than the latter.