The Neophemas are budgerigars, colors like the rainbow.

The best feature of the Neophemas is its tranquility and the little noise they make. This has made many breeders stressed by the shriek of lovebirds psittacines have been able to rest with small, beautiful and not make much noise.

The Neophemas family includes the following seven species:

Crisostomo Parakeet (bourkii chrysostoma)
Elegant Parakeet (bourkii elegans)
Parakeet rocker (bourkii petrophila)
Ventrinaranja Parakeet (bourkii chrysogaster)
Turquoise parakeet (bourkii pulchella)
Splendid Parakeet (bourkii splendida)
Pink Parakeet (bourkii bourkii)

The location of the neophemas have to have at least one meter cage every couple, but it is more than just a space for these species.

Ideally, place them in a small underground Voladera wide by 2 feet high by 2 feet deep.

Here are the category, also are so sociable that we can keep them together with small estrildids who do not do anything.

Thank amateur breeding these parrots are numerous mutations Wonderful color, a real exaggerated amount of mutations, to enjoy even more of very many color combinations.