Most poisonous animal in the world

Actually we are talking about a jellyfish, not a wasp.

It is the world's most lethal animals, just with the touch of one tentacle can kill an adult in less than three minutes, luckily only found on the Australian coast.

His tentacles cause an enormous sting, poison enters directly into the bloodstream and cause tachycardia can even put the heart at 200 beats per minute, causing cardiac arrest.

Tips to an encounter with a jellyfish

If we notice we never bite her away quickly, this can cause friction with their tentacles and cause tangling with consequent damage to us, we should act calmly, watching and animal away very quickly, leaving the water and seek medical help as soon as possible.

If we see jellyfish near shore must warn swimmers and service personnel to take appropriate measures

Luckily for all bathers most jellyfish only cause hives and swelling in the affected area with clean water and left in a simple analgesic anecdote

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