Grades of color in Cherry Shrimps

The fresh water shrimps of colors, not just red can have different degrees.

Really typify 3 degrees, but then depending on the quality you can say that are high or low.

The grades are:

Cherry, although the color is not opaque.

Sakura, the color is opaque, more body-colored side and almost no transparency.

Fire is a color that covers the entire body, with intense color without transparency.

It is easier to define females just because they have more color, plus everyone will always want the Fire, they are the most beautiful to have a full color throughout the body.

Many times there is confusion, the worldwide picture is a Sakura would say, but it really is a degree Fire

Then depending on the mutation will be:

Red Sakura, Sakura Black, Yellow Sakura, Sakura Orange ...

Fire Red, Yellow Fire, Fire Black ...