The Budgies are the bird of small-sized company most famous and abundant in the world, much more than any other.

The beautiful colors of the parakeet, its economical price, the sympathetic character and ... parakeet have made the ultimate domestic fowl.

I would like to give a holistic overview of the budgerigar, through every stage of your life, a pair of parakeets company that could be in any home in the world.

Before the purchase ... we think that any pet is a responsibility, since we have it until we stop having it. We should always take care and provide the best possible conditions, in every way.

The location, before you buy, patience! Where are we going to put our couple of parakeets? It can be a place during the day and another at night, but if you really want to play or let them do we not bother changing them from site, so think of a fixed, well lit, well ventilated, with good temperature and no drafts .

We have it, well, now the cage for budgies, the best cage is a cage where they can move freely, even make some small flying. Sometimes space is limited, so our recommendation would be a big cage underground breeding, with 2 sticks so they have to open the wings to move from one pole to the other.

Also if in the future you could separate the big cage will raise for the young birds do not bother with a second clutch of parents.

The best place where you can get a cage for budgies breeding is a specialty shop, we can get good deals online in many online stores, also if you bought some food, nest, grit ... and some things that will tell more then we can have free postage.

We know where we will put the cage we need ... What else do we need? I still do not buy the parakeets ... impatient.

We need: Food, a mixture for parakeets is good, nothing is missing species, millet, oats ... parakeets are easy to feed.

We should look for a provider with herringbone millet seeds. It is highly recommended as budgies will love. We do not recommend these honey sticks on a stick, are very expensive and not worth it.

We need grit, pebbles for parakeets, they should always have it at your disposal, grit, or stone calcium, but better would grit.

A complex B, total, during molting changes, site changes, during start ... a drop in the trough is highly recommended, this does not hurt, we can give when we see fit.

As a final complement to food, with cous cous to soak some pasta and breeding may prepare a soft food they will eat perfectly and will complement idea where to supply amino acids or any other vitamin we want, but at first did not eat not desist, finally accepted.

This article explains perfectly how to make this mixture can be good for all kinds of birds:


To complete our request, 2 sprues, but as they are cheap I would buy 3, you can always drop one or we want to leave for a weekend trip and we leave them served.

A tub for bathing daily, our recommendation is to be outside.

A nest box for parakeets, we make steps or details because we can find everywhere, whatever is good.

With this you can put the ubiacion of our couple of parakeets.

Now if we get our parakeets Where?

Well we can buy from a retailer or through any breeder.

If you opt for the second option podreis get precious budgies for 5 Euros each copy.

As unhappy that your partner is breeding, it is best to get a copy from different breeders, to not have any kind of relationship consanguiniedad.

Always, choose specimens ringed where podais check the year of birth of the bird.

Importantly, they are young birds, or year-over-year maximum, but better the younger.

As no hurry, with the birds should not be in a hurry we can better select specimens that are not yet old enough to reproduce, but which we are certain of their sex, to make a real couple.

Some mutations are difficult to sex, the color of the wax nose, but if we talk about green or blue ... is very simple and any experienced breeder budgies will not fail.

Now that you got your budgerigars habreis, no nothing should hurry, not to pursue goals, the only thing to do is:


Water and food

Enjoy the beauty of your budgerigars.

Reproduction and other experiences good and bad ... and reach.