Although it seems big is an insect of only about 2 inches, is a firefly.

During the summer months in the dark females emit a phosphorescent light on his belly to attract male firefly. The chemical process through which fail to emit light called Bioluminescence.

I will ring films science fiction ... but humans with this feature could do many things, what do you think of? I hope not, that ye be thinking of you ears shine in a nightclub in low light and full of pretty girls ... think of light without emitting heat or energy consuming ...

Well, our female firefly belongs to the family Lampyridae, where more than 2,000 known species, so do not expect that if you see one female firefly like our picture has exactly the same face, can be larger, smaller, more reddish, more white...

Males, unlike females, they can fly, they are more like a small beetle. You will distinguish because they have black body and a red head.

The fireflies have a cycle that passes through a worm-shaped state, some also have bioluminescent worms that feed on slugs and snails. These maggots become pupae and later turn our adult fireflies, to mate and the female will deposit eggs which will come out new worms firefly again.