Maintenance and Breeding of Silkworm

Raising silkworms and care is very simple, we will explain in a few simple steps:

1st. We take 1 box of shoes and practice to cover holes to breathe the hatchery.

2nd. We go and take a bag of mulberry leaves and put 4 sheets in the shoe box

3rd. We buy, ask, change ... worms and put them in our box.

4th. Daily check if they have eaten the leaves and put more

5th. Haran a little black things that we should withdraw and throw, normally roll down the box so just tilting it may go to waste. We can always put a box clean and move the worms to the new box.

6th. When they are very fat worms will cocoons.

7th. We take the buds and put them in another box with a white cloth, butterflies do not feed, mate and lots of eggs Ref rag.

8th. We left the rag pass the winter in a warm place and we come spring worms to give to all our friends and acquaintances.