How to get the potentially dangerous dog license in Spain

First we have to enroll our dog in the animal population in our community, we also have to put the chip, mandatory vaccines and get the passport having done all this, we can go to city hall to request information on all documentation required for licensing.
We give you a sheet that puts everything you need, and requirements that we must meet in order to have a potentially dangerous animal, as no criminal record. Once with that sheet we will have been doing everything we ask for license application, how to get insurance for specific animals you ask, must have a minimum liability of € 120,000, if less not caught, then we need get us a medical certificate from dangerous animals, is like the gun license.
Once all this will make photocopies of everything, including the dog passport and the registration form census, dog insurance will draw a photocopy of the receipt of payment and the policy, the only thing we will not be the certified photocopy doctor because that takes the original, we will go to City Hall and request the same day our criminal record and will sign an affidavit as we are in full power to take care of the dog.
An interesting thing to know about this subject is that depending on the municipalities alike pay a price for the license or another, is the same whether the order at the city council will charge a paste and if you are a people unless they ask , or can you get it up for free, the only sure thing that is not free is the medical certificate and insurance.
Once they give you the license, you get some leaves in which you explain which has a
valid for three years, after that time you have to renew it again with all the steps, you too can walk it say that only the person holding the license, and you can only walk him on a leash not extensible less than 2 meters in length, no you can carry more than one of these dogs per person, that dogs that are on a farm, cottage, chalet, terrace, patio, shall be bound, unless you have a site with area, height and adequate enclosure to protect people or animals entering or come to these places, and if we steal, we lose, sell, give away or dies the dog have to notify the municipal registry responsible potentially dangerous animals by letter and how to document the inventory of animals in our community.
The license is only for the autonomous community in which you do it you;
that does not mean that if you're traveling does not serve, then yes, but if you change your place of residence to another autonomous community council would have to direct you to the commute be if you or I will have to make new.
The time it takes to deliver the license will vary depending guess every municipality, and whether you lose or not any role you've been carrying.
Well I hope you like this article helpful to keep them, to give many turns as I did at the time for not knowing to have to do.