The Vietnamese pig, pet

Well, here we have the great pig, this pig Vietnamese lives like a king.

For some time this part has come fashion Vietnamese pig as a pet.

And the truth is that it is like a dog but a little smarter.

Neat, smart and affectionate.

We think that the Vietnamese pig as pet should visit the vet regularly, not to be a pig, but as a pet, with which we will live and stay in touch.

I like the bathroom, especially if there is mud involved, so it is cool.

Although they say they are small and for about 50 Euros onwards we can get a Vietnamese pig as you see in the photo copy is nothing small, are the size of a medium large dog ... and eat like 2 dogs big medium ... appetite often.

Well if you have you thought of adopting one of these pigs, remember reading extensively about the species before making any movement and consult with your trusted veterinarian.