Information and Breeding Chinese Neon

The Chinese Neon, Tanichthys albonubes is one of the most common fish in aquariums.

For ease of maintenance, for its adaptation to temperature, by its color and its easy reproduction.

The Chinese Neon is presented today in aquarium shops in different mutations of color and shape of the fins, all extremely beautiful, such as yellow, the albino, the veil fin ...

Maintain a group of about 6 or 8 copies in an aquarium of 60 liters and up.

They accept all kinds of food, but as always if we give them live food as grindal, shrimp ... it will be well fed.

Males differ from females in the size and color of the dorsal fin, males will also continuously showing off and marking his territory and beauty.

The females are larger than males and gravid with big bellies especially when they are to lay eggs.

To play it's best to put some good fat females with a pair of dominant males in an aquarium of about 20 or 30 liters, well fed and with some plants, when we see that females will reduce its size because many eggs were deposited by plants .

Adults to withdraw preden not on the offspring and in a few days we will have the small neon aquarium full of Chinese.

The first days are crucial in feeding infusoria need to find good in a mature aquarium, microworms, shrimp ... until they accept dry food sticks for example.

Chinese Neons are fish from China, which accept low temperatures in winter so that will not be necessary to have heater indoors.