Our pet, spend time with us, and when more time passes the affection which we have be greater. Sometimes we get angry with his antics, but always forgive, often make us laugh and even mourn with joy. They give us everything for nothing and always will be one of the family.

 But we never know when we adopt or buy a dog is pain that will leave us after their loss.

 If  now is the time when your pet has reached its end, here's some advice, I have done much to help:

 Never extend his life if the animal has to be suffering.

 Do not repress the pain after the loss, if you want to cry, cry, mourn us human, it may be advisable even psychological assistance.


Do not go immediately to buy another dog to replace your loss, expects at least a couple of months to make the decision of whether or not you really want a new pet.

 Make a small family farewell with the animal, bury it in a place you can easily visit (in  Spain is prohibited by law, if you do not tell anyone), or you can take it to a cemetery for animals be buried (with prices starting at 300 €) or incinerate (there are two modes of incineration, the animal is cremated collectively, the corpse is deposited and weekly incinerated dead animals, this is around 50 €, or incinerate an individual and if you wish you can keep the ashes, this is around € 180)

 If you also had more than one dog, the other animal may be in a depression, there are canine psychology specialists who can help you. Try doing the same routines, but changing places, go for a walk as always but new routes, rewards the animal more frequently

 Remember that many dogs always tend to die alone, I think it is not to cause pain to us.

 For all this think before adopting or buying a pet, when higher the care that we have, bigger will be the hole in your heart when you are not with you


And remember this last, always stay with the joys and good times the animal left you


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