Coral snake? or False Coral Snake?

Coral snakes are very shy animals and rarely bite a person.

How do we know if we can catch a coral snake?

If you ever be bitten by a snake, and you do not know if it is poisonous it is best to pick it up and bring it with you, so you get the correct antidote.

Well, we will identify the true corals. They have black, yellow, black, red, black, yellow, red black ... and so on.

Then start with the Red. If then comes the Yellow ... bad thing, if after the Black, also wrong and if after Yellow ... do not touch, is poisonous.

If you notice, the initials form the word RANA in Spanish, ROJO, AMARILLO, NEGRO, AMARILLO, colors, red, yellow, black yellow ... so now you know one more way to identify a true coral snake.