Information on the sexing of Grey Parrots

The sexing of Grey Parrots is complicated, it is evident, males and females look the same, no sexual dimorphism.
Only in the eyes of an expert males have more robust head and square with wider front.
However, due to different populations of these latter tracks Grey Parrot can lead to confusion, as a male of the Congo could be like a female that came from Ivory Coast.
Another possible for the sex difference in the behavior Grey Parrot, for example, males are more territorial and also are much more nervous than females, as a general rule, not a rule.
The male stretches his neck forward posture territorial, marking their position and saying, here I am.
Like the pigeons, we can move your finger across the pelvic area of the cloaca, valuing openness, wider in females.
To practice this technique, we should be a little expert, first to catch and manipulate the gray parrot catch should know because he will not be very happy with us to pass his hand under there ... and second copies must be mature, because even seem all young males.
The two techniques are more reliable DNA sexing with really competitive prices today, we may be talking about 10 Euros for sexing and is the safest way. Only a drop of blood with certainty we would have sex in our parrot.
Finally one sexing by endoscopy at the vet where we would see internal organs identifying parrots parrots males and females.
This last technique is a bit tricky, because you have to make an incision to enter the parrot endoscopy, we can actually save the suffering.
Males always will be better with women, you know if you actually go and you paste a good peck perhaps be a male ...