Raising mealworms

In this short tutorial we will explain the use and breeding of mealworms, Tenebrio molitor.

The worm Tenebrio molitor is a very easy to breed.

It is used as live food for many captive animals, reptiles, birds, small rodents, even is an excellent food for bats.

Many exotic pets need protein in their diet, for example, insectivorous birds, lizards, hedgehogs, bats ...

His breeding is very easy, with approximate annual cycle, we beetles that lay eggs, the eggs hatch into worms that grow until they become pupae and then come out again beetles.

Both pupae, worms will be what we use to feed our pets, but we think that a single food is good, the variety gives the best option, mealworms and other things ...

Well, for breeding will:

Prepare a container for them, as a jerrycan or a wooden box. We may also use a cabinet with plastic drawers of these in each drawer have a crop of worms.

If we use a drum, with pieces of such strata will stretch, as follows:

The base is saved, will a layer of bran, a damp cloth or wool, bran layer ... and so on.

The worms will eat the bran, also we can expand the diet with bananas, potatoes, fruits, carrots skins .... hard bread, anything we want.

Iran worms eating and doing their thing, with the movement of the humus worms fall to the bottom, so when we see that there is a sufficient layer with a garvillo we will take the stage at which the worms are of a medium size to be about and separate the bran humus and worms.

The humus is excellent for plants, nothing is thrown away, anything goes.