Flying Butterfly fish freshwater


The freshwater Sailfish is a spectacular fish, the shape of your body and the position of their fins is what give it its special touch. While sharing a name with marine water fish called butterfly fish do not keep any kind of relationship.

We're talking about Pantodon butterflyfish, butterflyfish flying.

Originating from Africa are fish in rivers and ponds, with their pectoral fins jumps out of the water where flying prey capture by the surface of the water. With this data we must consider if we found him at home in an aquarium without cover soil can easily pick the same day you buy.

They are fish that eat live bugs, can reach 10 cm in length, and due to its size if we place them with smaller fish snack end up becoming the flying fish is not aggressive, but we place it with fish size enough to not be devoured.

In the aquarium it is advisable to place floating plants to enable them blend in and be quiet, we must pay special attention to this aspect because the stress of changes can be fatal and will not do any good.

As we said your diet is based on live or frozen food, crustaceans, insects, larvae, daphnia, grindal ...

We will keep in aquaria of 60 liters or more at a temperature of about 25 ° C for 7 and Gh Ph - 10, soft water or neutral.

We differentiate males and females anal fin is straight in females and males have it bend, if we keep fish of different sexes can achieve reproduction, but we remove the adults as they would eat the offspring, therefore is better prepare a breeding aquarium with water from the same tank. The female will start on the surface, put a lot of eggs, we may decide to withdraw from the parents or remove eggs to another tank to raise the fry to be born in about three days, during the first days will feed off their yolk sac and then we them infusoria, newly hatched daphnia and then move on to larger prey, as grindal, larvae, daphnia ...