Information about hedgehogs

The hedgehog has 5,000 spikes, perfectly oriented in every way.

Each of your hair has gradually evolved to become sharp spikes about 2-3 cms.

Should be sufficient to deter all predators, in fact they are, for all except for one, all the more animal, man.

The hedgehog is a popular species in all forests and gardens of Europe.

The hedgehog behavior has evolved in relation to their picks, when it detects danger becomes a ball with his spikes out until the danger passes.

Hedgehogs are mammals, their young are born with very finite spikes still uncured.

Many years ago in the house were in the field tables with concrete blocks and summer saw a very small clutch of hedgehogs.

The next day the mother had brought from there the offspring to protect them.

They really are a special animal of nocturnal habits feed on snails and slugs. During the first hours of the night are very active in the undergrowth looking for their food.

Like dogs among his picks urchins may have ticks and fleas, so be careful with this. If you see one, the best thing you can do is leave him alone he will not bother anyone and must correspond enjoy letting their presence and quiet.



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