Chinese Silky Hens

For several years are very fashionable Chinese silky hens, not silk is obtained this hen, its name comes from the soft plumage, they have nothing like egg laying hens that we know of life.


The Chinese hens are characterized by the white colour of their plumage, besides its plumage much softer than that of a laying hen have 5 legs while hens have only 4. Its legs are black, not yellow like chickens we know.


Not usually exceed females only 1 kg, while males do not usually exceed 1.5 kg, the meat is fit for human consumption as well as that of other poultry.


The males are very territorial, like what are the roosters, often face many times to see which is the dominant male.


At 3 months male and female are suitable for breeding, females and males have a whole blue stripe on the side and a crest of white feathers on the head.


Since the hen lays the egg (in a setting can lay 10 to 15 eggs), we incubated until the chick is born 21 days pass, when born are completely black with gray and black feathers, a week and have lost all original feathers and acquires the white colour that characterizes them.


The females are excellent mothers, hence also be used for hatching eggs of other species of animals such as pheasants or ducks


They can carry up to 15 years living


Price: can find them at flea markets and specialty stores with prices around 12 €.