The African Serinus

Notice that the Canary Mozambique gorgeous, Serinus mozambicus a tireless singer of a spectacular yellow throat with a thinner than Pavarotti.

We all know the common canary, the canary color and song canary, but this domestic species that has been with us for centuries, Where did he come from?

Basically the common canary is a domestication of the species or wild canary Serinus canaria, native and endemic to the Canary Islands, where it is protected by law.

There are many other species of canaries, a entirely songbirds and green tones, grays and browns precious.

More and more it seems that fans aviaries site is made and effort and resources dedicated to the success and reproduction in captivity of these wonders.

Some of the varieties of jewelry Serinus are really persecuted and coveted by breeders and fans around the world and it is no wonder that, when you know they deserve appreciation is really high, are a beautiful bird, cheerful and dedicated breeders we give much satisfaction.

For you are going, there are many different species of canaries, has long been imported to Europe, but currently not imported or made in a very low, which has led to its breeding in captivity, something that honestly I'm glad . It is preferable to see a couple of Green Finches for 150 Euros to 150 Green Singers in a cage for 10 Euros.

Complete list of wild Serinus:

Red-fronted Serin - Serinus pusillus
Common Serin - Serinus Serinus
Serin Syria or Syrian Serin - Serinus syriacus
Common canary - Serinus canaria
Cape Canary - Serinus canicollis
Yellow-headed Canary - Serinus flavivertex
Black-headed Canary - Serinus nigriceps
Alario - Serinus alario (sometimes is placed in the genus Alario)
Buchanan Canary - Serinus capistratus
Papyrus Canary - Serinus koliensis
Forest Canary - Serinus scotops
Africa Canary - Serinus leucopygius
Yemen Canary - Serinus menachensis
Olive-backed Canary - Serinus rothschildi
Yellow-throated Canary - Serinus flavigula
Salvadori Canary - Serinus xantholaemus
Black-throated Canary - Serinus atrogularis
Lemon chest Canary - Serinus citrinipectus
Mozambique Canary - Serinus mozambicus
White-bellied Canary - Serinus dorsostriatus
Donaldson Canary - Serinus donaldsoni
Yellow-bellied Canary - Serinus flaviventris
Sulphurous Canary - Serinus sulphuratus
White-throated Canary - Serinus albogularis
Mennel Canary - Serinus mennelli
Ruppel Canary - Serinus tristriatus
Knurled Canary - Serinus gularis
Tota Serin - Serinus totta
Drakensberg Canary - Serinus symonsi
White wings Canary - Serinus leucopterus
Striated Canary - Serinus striolatus
Thick-billed Canary - Serinus burtoni
Prince Island Canary - Serinus rufobrunneus
Java Canary - Serinus estherae
Tibet Canary - Serinus thibetanus
Ankover Canary - Serinus ankoberensis