One of the smaller corydoras

Corydoras pygmaeus is a species of corydora of the smallest, with just 3 cms in size is a fish often can keep gambarios, because although it can eat some zoea, are very peaceful and do not attack.

It is native to Brazil, we must keep at a temperature of about 22-26 ° C, in water rather soft.

It is a very shy, it will cost us to see them, which is why we must maintain a minimum group of 6-10 copies, so you always have a scout that encourages others to come out of hiding to find food.

We will not have too easy feeding, because its tiny size will require adequate food to their size.

I like the porridge for prawns, provided it is a bit squishy, so no sticks to shrimp.

We likewise offer daphnia, grindal that deborarán and other small freshwater critters does not cost them too much effort to eat it pursue.

Reproduction is not simple, after commissioning will fry a few very tiny or pygmy size so their food microorganisms require can be found in the aquarium until they can accept newly hatched brine shrimp.

If you have sufficient space for parents and the offspring will be together in the same aquarium without danger to the smallest.

For us it is a very beautiful species we like to keep in our gambarios, so that they are suitable we provide a minimum aquarium 30 liters.

Sexarlas is not easy, in theory females are more rounded than males.