What do we know of the flies?

First of all: "A fly is an insect with two wings".

Often called mosas many other insects and are not, because they have two wings, but four.

The flies, rather than hindwing posses a pair of appendages that serve to maintain balance during flight, thanks to which they can perform stunts while flying true, we could be talking about "the fly acrobat", they are special for such necessities ... often work on the fly.

Flies live in 100% of the planet, no matter where we go, we will not get rid of them.

Sometimes there are flies that help men and necessities pollinated plants, but in the vast majority the fly is an insect pest synonymous unclean spread diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness and many other types of germs.

Flies, suffering in all cases a complete metamorphosis, completely change their dress, feed the vast majority of tissues, decaying plants and animals, only a small, small percentage of flies OU living plant or animal.

We will give you a small list of some of the more famosillos fly species that can be found:

Soldier fly, South American, with a greenish color.

Fly eyes on stalks, has eyes rarest, are used to display to other males.

The world's fattest fly ... South American fruit fly, Pantophthalmus bellardii live in the wood ... imagine more lustrous worms to be born.

The European bee fly, ... it really looks like a bee.

Flower flies, the wasps are clavaditas very similar.

In short, we have many species which one more rare and interesting.