How to make a pond

When summer arrives ... everyone wants a pond, the pond most beautiful months are ... all, every season has its special charm and is in Spring reproduce aquarium inhabitants, in summer we grow young critters in Autumn fall and winter flowers the odd day we see some movement.

Well, a threshold for pool or pond would be a minimum of 500 liters, but ... large horse walk or not walk, if you can give him as much more capabilities and depth better.

We have several options for building our pond, resistant plastic tarpaulins, plastic cement paint like you see in the picture, prefabricated ... a pond is a pond as you can do it, but do it.

For turtles, shrimp, fish, newts, frogs, snakes ... the pond is a spectacular microfauna, sure more than one has done with all the abovementioned animals in your pond.

We think that the pond passes through various stages, one of them will have the crystal clear water, perfect, enjoy it in spring with moderate sunshine and blooming plants make a transparency crystal pond.

Come summer, green algae will not see a finger, but ... the people will be well, quiet, normal, when you pass the sunshine and the heat will see the bottom of the aquarium, in winter too, as piles of leaves and silt at the bottom, do not touch the fish, shrimp and others spend the winter pulling warm inside just the tip of the nose.

In a pond is not advisable to put substratum, silt itself will do a good substrate where water lilies and esparto will cling hard and show us beautiful flowers.

As only recommendation I would give, small fish rather than large, compatibility between fish and invertebrate species to increase biological diversity, plants, without hesitation, all that podais and space with hiding places for fry and other like tiles pond photo and enjoy.

Remember that orange fish are not the only option, in fact in summer we have many species of tropical fish that make the pond a place to spend many hours sitting listening to nature.