Understanding the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium

We will try to provide a small and simple explanation of the nitrogen cycle and how plants, fish, bacteria and bodily compounds live in perfect harmony in our aquarium.

Let's start with the plants, the process of photosynthesis, they breathe through their leaves, turning CO2 into O2, oxygenate the water, an essential compound for our fish, which through its gills absorb it for a living. The fish do backwards, catch and expel O2 C02, then, how do we get Co2 tank for the fish to breathe ... plants and gas exchange with the air, for example a cascade filter that breaks on the surface or corner filter loose bubbles superfie romen oxygenating the water.

What else do fish? same as all living things, leave treats around here and there, Amoniac, transformed by bacteria into Nitrates, decaying organic matter ... and what one takes advantage of this? So-called nitrifying bacteria, nitrites making it ... a compound that plants absorb through their roots for nourishment ... and here is the whole secret, where there is no one over another, but has fluency. Otherwise we would happen to the global economic and ... the aquarium is going to waste.