Explanation of how it formed the Ambar

Amber is fossilized resin of pine trees on planet earth had more than 40 million years.

The insects were stuck in that sticky resin attracted by their aroma.

  Actually these small insects are mosquitoes prehistoric. The movie Jurassic Park had a very well established scientific hypothesis, thanks to this fantastic movie the mosquito in amber souvenir reached historical records.

Well, we where we were when these mosquitoes and other insects were trapped in the resin of prehistoric pine trees, this was buried underground and then went to the sea, where it was washed and polished.

Much like Copal Amber is, but much more recent. Copal parts can have between one and 1 million years old.

Thanks to this, we have intact prehistoric insects. Set well, the bee I've drawn like a bee, but it is a much older species, a bee sudadora, species Trigona.