aquarium freshwater Frogs

Xenopus laevis is a species of freshwater  frog aquarium widespread in aquarium.

Frogs are very easy to maintain and very prolific, the only drawback is that there is no apparent sexual dimorphism, so it is advisable to have several copies so that we are certain we have males and females.

We will keep them at a temperature of about 24 º C, no need fitlración are 100% aquatic frogs, not leave the aquarium.

Their food is very simple, because they use smell and frozen food we feed, daphnia, brine shrimp, bloodworms, etc ...

Frogs made the copula putting on his stomach, for this reason it is important also that no current in the aquarium, and thus facilitate the fertilization of eggs that will by plants thousands, after weeks born small tadpoles.

We should note that parents predarán on the tiny hatchlings and for this reason it would be better to remove the adult or offspring spend a breeding aquarium.

It's a fairly easy species to find, among the fans can change or get it for a really low price, about 2 euros and in stores the same, prices that hover around 5 euros each frog.