The German shepherd

Its origins date back to the end of S. XIX in Germany, originally used to safeguard herds



The German shepherd is a noble race, highly intelligent, strong, brave, protective, stable, loyal and very patient. One of the preferred breeds for training professionals, hence many rescue dogs are of this breed, as detectors of explosives and drugs (this breed has a great smell)


His appearance is robust, flexible and agile, with a powerful jaw, (many do not know their power when biting can exceed that of a pit bull), has a long tail, a height at the withers which can reach 60 cm. males and 55 females, with a weight between 30 - 40 kg for males and 20 - 35 kg for females, ears are firm and straight up.


The fur is usually brown and black, long and soft, but also German shepherds are black or white… a few. This breed tends to change coat 2 times a year, in early summer and in winter, although much depends on where you are if you are outdoors is usually changed only once in early summer coat.


Being a working animal needs exercising continuously, it is recommended at least once a month take him to a secluded place where the animal can run free…


It is an excellent animal tracking because of its good smell, so it is used as a police dog, also used as a guide dog. Its triple olfactory cells to other dog breeds like French bulldog, american standford or bull terrier.


It is a medium breed which can reach 13 years, very good race to have children as they love to play, is a very suspicious dog excellent character hence the guardian and protector.


There is a race that no present serious problems, you will usually come to have hip dysphasia, with a good habit vet this problem can be treated and resolved since the animal is a puppy.


Facts about the German shepherd:

During the First World War in Nazi Germany came to enrol more than 40,000 dogs of this breed, many of them to find wounded or transport kits.

Many people are afraid of them because of its imposing character and presence

In England until 1960 was called foreign sheperd.