Austrolebias nigripinnis ARG-APKP 2011/3 Ruta 45 Km. 3, Río Paranacito

Mojar austrolebias

As we had explained in another article, we wet a mob of Austrolebias nigripinnis APKP ARG-2011/3 Route 45 Km 3 Paranacito River.

How to hatch austrolebias

We have used the transparent cube that you can see, as we explained:

4 liters of RO water mixed with 1 liter of tap water

1 tablet of oxygen

The peat with eggs

Clay without any type of fertilizer, courtesy of Vicente Miralles.

You will see that the land does not choose until the third or fourth day, but do not worry, the fry will be perfect, just ought to be careful not to pull any when quiteis earth, only you will see they are near the edge of the bucket or aquarium .

The result has been very satisfactory, the result of the first dip this peat has been about 8-10 fry, of which 4 have a white phenotype.

It is still early to see how are the adult, we have to wait.

The fry are in a small bucket of 5 liters capacity with an air filter and java moss.

They are developing wonderfully, as daphnia and small food grindal use, because at the moment we do not have to hatch brine shrimp.

But in a few days we will begin to give dry food, fish sticks and cold water next to the live feed this hope to grow in order to get the first set before the end of summer.

The idea is to spend the winter in the ground, we know that it will not make any problems, with aim of achieving an annual cycle adapted to the Mediterranean climate ... but this I will tell in another article, stay tuned.