grasshopper ( anacridium aegyptium )


Many times we see bugs in our environment that we do not know what they are, here we have one of the most common, Mediterranean Lobster insect.

What do we know about this grasshopper? I've always called lobster and only comes to mind one thing, "the plague of locusts," I have often caught in the almonds, they are fed to reptiles, which ate very well.

What eats the grasshopper?

Many insects are beneficial to humans, but others are less so, such as Mediterranean grasshopper, a true dining green shoots, if a plague of grasshoppers grandecitos these in your garden with just one tomato eat, what Sorry, just pass almost any plant, slowing eat young shoots of the plant development.

How long will you live?

grasshopper have a fairly small cycle in half months and reach adult size in full swing three months of life, after which will become part of the humus of life.

How much can it grow?

grasshopper can achieve one 10 to 12 inches in length, although they are not the greatest, there is an African species that reaches 60 inches.

How do they reproduce?

In late summer the females deposit their eggs in the ground, that will come spring and in just a few months will be ready for a new generation.

What is their geographical distribution?

The Egyptian locust is present throughout the Mediterranean region and North Africa.

Mediterranean grasshopper Curiosities

In some countries the lobsters are considered a delicacy.

Thanks to its high nutritional value are used as food for captive exotic reptiles.

Although not exactly, here you have a link to a pdf file with comprehensive information on  grasshopper as insects and their reproduction.