Facts about cockroaches


They say that if an atomic bomb exploded cockroaches will be the only survivors , perhaps this specie will be the future of the new species to colonize our planet. And it is true that cockroaches support radiation 15 times higher than the human being.

Cockroaches carry on this planet for over 300 million years.

There are cockroaches that live up to 10 years ... , they should be the ones that are not seen yet.

Some cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of his life, that danger!

Cockroaches can live without a head, this is because your brain is in the body, not the head. Eventually die from starvation, may actually be more than 1 week without drinking water and more than a month without food.

The American cockroach moves to 5 km / hour, if human would be moving at 300 km / hour.

The largest cockroach is 30 cms.

Cockroaches can stay underwater without breathing over half an hour.

Cockroaches are carriers of bacteria, worms, parasites and other diseases that humans can contract, so do not do the silly darling with eating a cockroach.

There are 4,000 species of cockroaches.

Cockroach droppings are highly allergic to humans, can cause hives, sneezing ... so you should know where to put them inside his coffee... hahahaha.

If you see one or two cockroaches ... can be up to 200 hidden in the walls and crawl spaces of your home.

Cockroaches need heat to live if humans disapear, they  would stop living in cold areas to live in the tropics, what happens is that the temperature of the cities are very comfortable.

Cockroaches are bred as live food for exotic reptiles.

In some cultures the cockroaches are a delicacy.

If you go to the bathroom or kitchen at night and see a cockroach and you fright you only think of the shock that would have had the cockroache.

They say the best way to exterminate it with poison traps, but increasingly are adapting and eventually will be indestructible.

The best way to eradicate cockroaches undoubtedly is by crushing the shoe.