Dog socialization

The dog socialization should start from the day they are born and should not stop until the dog tells us his last farewell.

Since childhood with his brothers must be, mother's eating, playing with his brothers, when away from the mother (at 2 months of age) should not stop, if we add a new member to our family until have the vaccines needed to go down the street and walk must not stop working with the dog, playing with dolls, showing where to make their needs and spending as much time with him ...
The sooner better, we can go down the street and meet with other dogs, nothing to go walking with the dog tied seeing other dogs and playing free, when previously integrated into the herd better, the first day will be afraid and come to rest under of our legs, have respect for all the other dogs ... But in a few more encounters with other dogs and begin to play and follow the most close to their size, bite them and want to play with other.

Many dog owners to always carry them tied when another dog approaches to sniff feel threatened or fear rather than curiosity, and that's bad, do not know how they will act

When the animal is growing older, from age 7 to medium breeds - large or 9 in our pet dwarf breeds will walk around and certainly not related as always, do not enter into the game of the smallest, depart out of hand, but that's normal.
Never stop join our dog with other dogs but is already an old dog.

Socialization, always!