Container to send eggs

Here's an easy DIY. A container to send mail killifish eggs. I learned it in killiofilos, http://www.killiofilos.com/foro

We need 2 bottles to get one of them, as we need 2 blocks.

Cut the mouth of the bottle and the pressure we introduce a plug and then the other closed.

As you see is simple, to perfect here to send annual eggs moist peat, since there is no liquid.

Now if we do to send eggs that need to be in water continuously, as aphanius, Oryzias, aphyosemion, fundulopanchax ... seal it inside with silicone for aquariums and ready. We obtain an airtight container we can put in any envelope and strong.

It is much easier to go down to the store and buy a container, but we can also think about recycling and how to reuse plastic bottles.





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