How to make a homemade mop

Making spawning mop for our fish is very simple.

Also if our hobby is raising killies species like eg mops are almost the first thing we make, because then we will want to raise our species.

Let's do a mop floating species remember that we spawn on the surface, as aphanius, aphyosemion, etc ... and others that spawn in the bottom of the aquarium

We will need

1 book, the size of the width or along the length of the book will mop.

Natural wool or perle

A cork stopper

We take the book and roll up the wool, then simply tie party cork and mop and on the other hand cut.

Just like that we put in our aquarium and in a few days we inspect to collect eggs.

Or we could just pick it up and move it to another aquarium so that parents do not eat the fry.