Method for hatching austrolebias preventing belly sliders from appearing.

Method used for hatching Austrolebias trying to avoid the appearance of belly sliders.

- Container of 2 liters

- Water squishy if rainwater could be better.

- Water temperature 15 ° C

- 1 pill of oxygen

- The peat with eggs

- Earth clay

- After a few hours of getting wet peat that we should get many good swimming fry healthy that we will going to a mature aquarium for fattening.

In this mature aquarium where we will have to find snails diatomaceous planorbis, java moss and also we can have with prawns neocaridinas who do not do anything.

From day one they can be fed with brine shrimp Artemia, microworms and small grindal worms.

Peats are best stored in a warm place, having aeration, and occasionally we should remove the eggs peat and peat aerate thus eggs develop better.