What is the incubation time of the Austrolebias?

These small killifish are one of the lines killifish enthusiasts, who often keep many species ends and the truth is that I understand, they are wonderful and its behavior and biology are one of the most peculiar things I have ever seen

The annual cycle of the South American Austrolebias is significant, lay their eggs in temporary waters and these eggs remain buried for several weeks during the dry season until the rains again with new fish hatch born of the earth.

When it rains we can say, "it's raining", we will not ever go wrong, but the weather is a science still uncertain for us, many times the weather man tells us to prepare the umbrella and then we need to cover our radiant sun ago.

Eggs thus will not have an exact period of incubation, if approx. But the eggs will develop each at a different pace.

The best method is to wait a minimum of time according to the time table for annual American diapause below and observe the state of development of the embryo to wet peat as explained in another article and get new fry for a new generation in our water aquariums sweet.

Especies Location Temp Time Observations
Austrolebias adloffi   24ºC 3 meses
Austrolebias affinis 24ºC 2-3 meses
Austrolebias alexandri 24ºC 2-3 meses
Austrolebias bellottii 24ºC 2-4 meses
Austrolebias carvalhoi 24ºC 2-3 meses
Austrolebias cinereus 24ºC 2-3 meses
Austrolebias cyaneus 24ºC 3 meses
Austrolebias gymnoventris 24ºC 3 meses
Austrolebias luteoflammulatus  24ºC  3 meses
Austrolebias melanoorus  24ºC  3 meses
Austrolebias nigripinnis  24ºC  3-5 meses
Austrolebias nonoiuliensis  24ºC  3 meses
Austrolebias patriciae  24ºC  3-4 meses
Austrolebias viarius  24ºC  3 meses
Cynolebias albipunctatus 24ºC 3 meses
Cynolebias griseus 24ºC 2-3 meses
Cynolebias perforatus 24ºC 3 meses
Cynolebias porosus 24ºC 3 meses
Gnatholebias zonatus 24ºC 5-8 meses
Leptolebias aureoguttatus 24ºC 2 meses
Leptolebias minimus 24ºC 2-3 meses
Megalebias cheradophilus 24ºC 3 meses
Megalebias elongatus 24ºC 3 meses
Megalebias wolterstorffi 24ºC 4 meses



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