Information about Nothobranchius rachovii

Undoubtedly, Nothobranchius rachovii  is one of the most beautiful species of Nothobranchius or Nothos as call between fanciers. They have some really beautiful and striking colors.

In nothos all goes very fast, everything but the incubation time ... have to wait for this species between 6 and 8 months for their eggs to develop, just as long they live, but depending on the temperature and the maintenance we might get to live until about a year.

Let's sort the information based on their life cycle, and better not to start with it first if the chicken or the egg ... since it will be easier to get eggs start around here.

GETTING Nothobranchius rachovii EGGS

It is best to ask to other fans and get a peat with eggs. It should be noted that notho eggs travel badly... for this reason it is better to get full of eggs peat and better if the temperatures are not extreme, both above and below, in Spain the best dates are the month of May and the month of September when temperatures do not tighten too much or too little , but as there are days everything better not be too long circulating at the post office.

Once arrived the day we see the eggs with the embryo ready to hatch prepare a bowl of water at a temperature of about 20 ° C, where will all the crowd along with a bar of oxigen special for aquariums and within 24 hours we'll see fry swimming perfectly and we can feed with Artemia nauplii and microworms, small grindal ...

RAISING THE Rachovii Nothobranchius FRY

As we said earlier in the nothos everything goes very fast, are bad fish passing fasting, we should feed them daily and in the best conditions. So it is recommended that they are several times a day.

We will have a tank of about 20 liters where to go hard midwater grow our fry. We aditar salt to aquarium lighting and some floating plants or java ferns, moss ...

In a few weeks we will see some fry are much larger, they will be the most beautiful and the soon we can start your new reproductive phase, because males will not take long to show his extraordinary colored livery and females even without the colors the male will make the perfect couple ....

Nothobranchius Rachovii REPRODUCTION

In the same aquarium where we raised and fattened our rachovii with all kinds of live food and will have a container with peat where male will be buried with females hugging the top flap depositing and fertilizing the eggs.

Nothobranchius rachovii EGG INCUBATION

Every week or so, change the peat.

We'll get the peat, then dry the peat and save it in a container at a temperature of about 20 ° C for about 6 months minimum after which we will be able to enjoy these great fish and breed them again. Remember to give any peat to other fans like you got the first one.