How to build cultures of  drosophila flies.


We will explain how to make a crop of fruit fly, fruit fly, fly ... Drosophila melanogaster, which is its scientific name a small fly that is used as live food for many pets, it is the best that we can find.

Used for frogs, reptiles, fish, insectivorous birds ... this fly is an unrivaled source of protein.

Measures between 2 and 3 millimeters, that makes small animals such as Dendrobates find in it your ideal food.

Best to start a culture is to get one of these that have atrophied wings, because that if they escape not fly much, but also can be used in the wild to do when we leave three or four days without throwing garbage at home with fruit skins.

Their life cycle is about 7-15 days depending on the time of year and therefore the temperature.

Well, let's start our crops, we take a strain of home in a container vessels cubalitro type, approximately 2 liters or 1 liter and will cover holes that will cover with cotton or a woman's stocking for the crop to breathe and flies do not escape.

Now prepare a paste to feed them fruit mush basticamente is the will with at least 1 cm from the bottom of the container and put a little above bakers yeast to ferment.

Then will boil dry eg to serve as host and rest two wings flies.

After about 4 or 5 days we will see the first worms or maggots that one 4 or 5 more days will turn into new flies ... and so on.

To use the crop we have several tecnias, the first is to bring the flies to the refrigerator or freezer and leave them for a while when we open will be more quiet entoncese a statue and give them to the bugs.

Another technique is to leave a site you go out and such an air bag with these transparent, when we want flies inside the ball we put a little water and shake, thus they stay wet all in one ball and can give perfectly to our other critters.